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VIDEO concluding of the TPCosmo V school on youtube

Courses given in this TPCosmo V school

  • Theoretical Cosmology (David Wands) 11 Lectures
  • Observational Cosmology (David Bacon) 12 Lectures
  • Numerical Cosmology (Jascha Schewtschenko) 6 Lectures
  • Dark Energy (Shinji Tsujikawa) 5 Lectures
  • 5 Tutorials

Lecture Notes, Slides and Technical Materials on ICG’s site [here]

!! Fee rates for overseas students and academic staff are now reduced !!

!! Participants should bring personal laptop for the Computational Cosmology class!!


Hosted by the Institute for Fundamental Study of Naresuan University (Thailand) and Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation of University of Portsmouth (UK)

22 - 29 July 2019

TPCosmo V is the 5th school of the Tah Poe School on Cosmology Series. This school also includes poster presentation session for students and young researchers to present their works.


  • David Bacon (ICG University of Portsmouth)
    Cosmological Observations and Basics of Cosmology
  • Jascha Schwetschenko (ICG University of Portsmouth)
    CMB Codes, N-body Simulations and Numerical Techniques
  • Shinji Tsujikawa (Tokyo University of Science)
    Dark Energy
  • David Wands (ICG University of Portsmouth)
    Cosmological Perturbations & CMB theory

Scientific Organizing Committee (SoC)

  • David Wands (ICG University of Portsmouth) (Chair)
  • Burin Gumjudpai (IF Naresuan University)

Local Organizing Committee (LoC)

  • Burin Gumjudpai (IF Naresuan University) (Chair)
  • Phongsaphat Rangdee (University of Phayao)
  • Narakorn Kaewkhao (Prince of Songkla University)
  • Kiattisak Thepsuriya (NARIT and Astronomy Centre, University of Sussex)

Participant Admission: (55)

Participants should bring personal laptop for the Computational Cosmology class.

Poster presentation slots limited to (15)

There are Best Poster Certificate and two Honourable Mention Certificates for the Poster Presentation. The poster presentation will be judged by the SoC committee and lecturers of the school.

More info:

Ms. Jirachaya Chomdaeng (IF Naresuan University) (School Secretary) (jirachayach”at”

(Other organizing team members: Pornrapat Plaengsorn (IF Naresuan University) (School Co-Secretary) | Suwichak Suphawong (IF Naresuan University) (IT Staff)

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Sponsored by the Royal Society (UK) & the Thailand Research Fund’s DBG program via the Newton Advanced Fellowship Scheme