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Laboratory of Quantum Field Theory and High Energy Physics (QFTHEP Lab)


@ IF, Laboratory of Quantum Field Theory and High Energy Physics has strong research expertise. Laboratory’s members have high potential to win a number of RGJ PhD scholarships each year for Thai students as well as to have partial supports for overseas students.


  • Mathematical Physics (Integrable Systems)
  • String Theory
  • Topological Field Theories
  • Modern Aspects of Quantum Field Theory (Gauge Theory, Renormalization Theory, Gauge-Gravity Duality)


  1. Dr. Seckson Sukhasena (Faculty - Head of the QFTHEP Lab)
  2. Dr. Pichet Vanichchapongjaroen (Faculty - Head of String Theory Group)
  3. Dr. Sikarin Yoo-Kong (Faculty)
  4. Prof. Edouard B. Manoukian (Emeritus Faculty)
  5. Dr. Kumar Abhinav (Naresuan Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  6. Ms. Jarunee Sanongkhun (Ph.D. student)
  7. Mr. Anajak Phonchantuek (Ph.D. student-DPST scholar)
  8. Mr. Amornthep Tita (Ph.D. student-RGJ scholar)
  9. Mr. Phadungkiat Kwangkaew (M.S. student)
  10. Mr. Maruekhen Chomphet (M.S. student)
  11. Ms. Sujiphat Janaun (In-Resident Visiting M.S. student)
  12. Mr. Worapat Piensuk (In-Resident Visiting M.S. student)

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